May 12th, 2007

little review

Poem for Saturday

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My excitement Friday started bright and early when younger son called home from the school office in a panic, having left on the living room table a school paper that was due. So I went over there before 9, dropped it off, came home to have breakfast, opened the refrigerator and discovered a lunch in there with younger son's name on it...rushed out again, only to discover it was the lunch apaulled made for him the day of his orthodontist appointment when he had a bracket reglued and was ordered not to eat anything that wasn't soft. Sigh. Met my mother for lunch at the mall, went shopping for teachers' presents for school, Hebrew school, violin, etc. since the end of school year is approaching fast, ate Thai chicken salad with ginger sesame dressing.

The kids wanted to go to a friend's house after school -- Friday being the first day of video games for the weekend -- so I took them. Then I wrote a review of "Haven" that I fear did not really do justice to the pleasures of the episode, and site columns including my new favorite poll of the year, based on an interview in which J.J. Abrams was asked whether he'd consider casting his Felicity star in his next project: "If Keri Russell doesn't play a female Klingon in 'Star Trek XI', who would you like to see do so?" When I last checked, Lucy Lawless was solidly in first place, but William Shatner was way ahead of Gillian Anderson, Liv Tyler, Kirsten Dunst, Lindsay Lohan and Katie Holmes.

Had dinner with my parents at the Red Dog Cafe, which was excellent -- I had the salmon but nearly everyone else had their excellent macaroni and cheese -- though I thought there might be a meltdown (on the part of the adults!) about where to go. We are going out with them again Sunday for Mother's Day at a place yet to be determined, but you can be sure I won't get to cast the deciding vote! The Red Dog Cafe is right next door to the Silver Spring Co-op, so I have good cereal for breakfast too, and amber scented oil which is a necessity for me in summer.

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Came home and watched two episodes of Torchwood, both of which were wonderfully acted and interesting but I really feel like there's far more gore than necessary, and I want to know where Jack's sense of humor went between Doctor Who and some of these episodes...also, not that I'm complaining that apparently everyone is bisexual, but I find it sort of hard to believe that all of them are as promiscuous as they seem to be just from a handful of episodes. Fine, go ahead and tell me that's a judgmental term, but in an era of AIDS and HPV, I find it a bit distracting how quickly people change orientation under alien influence and then jump into bed with someone new.

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