May 14th, 2007

little review

Poem for Monday

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After a quiet morning ("quiet" meaning "got to sleep late after husband fed and distracted the mewling cats while younger son had his last morning of Hebrew school for the year"), we picked up my parents and went to the National Portrait Gallery, which has a visiting exhibit, Great Britons, from that other National Portrait Gallery: everyone from Elizabeth I and Richard III to Nelson and Emma to Ian McKellen and J.K. Rowling (it amuses me greatly that Mick Jagger is officially "Sir Michael Jagger" and that T.S. Eliot is represented by a Modernist painting in which he is unrecognizable). Of course we also went through the most famous area of the National Portrait Gallery -- American Presidents -- plus the exhibit on the presidents and the Cold War.

The National Portrait Gallery adjoins the Smithsonian American Art Museum in the Reynolds Center much as the Sackler and Freer Galleries are connected on the National Mall, so we went through several of the exhibits there too, connected on the upper floor by a collection of Henry Benson photographs. From there we walked a block to the National Building Museum to see the exhibit on various restorations/rebuildings/reimaginings of the Globe Theatre, including the one Joseph Papp has planned for New York's waterfront. Of course photography was not permitted in American Presidents or Great Britons, so here are a few images from other areas, all taken without flash with the new camera so forgive any darkness/blur/color distortion as I am still trying to figure out when to use vibration reduction versus when to use anti-shake:

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apaulled made pistachio-crusted chicken and caesar salad for dinner and chocolate chip pie for dessert. I gave my mother The Jewish Book of Days; she gave me The Wicked Witch of the West Barbie, which she knew I wanted very much, as I have all the Wizard of Oz Barbies from the series ten years ago but they didn't make a Wicked Witch and this one has lovely green skin...anyone looking to turn a Barbie into an Orion Slave Girl really needs to check her out. Spouse got me the aforementioned new camera a few weeks ago, so he was off the hook on presents. My kids made me cards, but older son thoroughly ruined my evening with a school-related incident so I am just going to try to block that out. The joys of motherhood! Oh and thank you, muccamukk, for my present!