May 16th, 2007

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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Had a quiet Tuesday as promised, as I had a bunch of work to do and a bunch of chores that I ignored on Mother's Day. The consolation of folding lots of laundry is that I can do it in front of the television, and A Fish Called Wanda was on Comcast's On Demand, so I spent two hours in a good mood while sorting far too many pairs of white socks, watching Kevin Kline sniff his own armpits and John Cleese parade around naked with a pair of knickers over his face. I also went over to the development next to mine, where dementordelta, gblvr and I saw goslings in the grass on Monday. There were no geese out in the open, but I did see this:

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It was a pretty quiet afternoon otherwise. Took younger son to Hebrew school for his last Tuesday class of the semester, which means final Hebrew exam and class party with tons of junk food. It was also the last Ledo's Pizza night to raise money for the elementary school, and since son is graduating which means this is our last Ledo's Pizza night ever, we got Buffalo Chicken and Hawaiian pizzas for dinner. Oh, and I must thank both mamadracula, who sent me several souvenirs from the touring Pre-Raphaelite exhibit from the Delaware Museum of Art, and mrkinch for sending me a Rachel Pollack book that I got several days ago, put under son's class photo that I needed to scan and didn't rediscover till I actually got around to scanning the photo...sorry and many thanks!

Boston Legal did one storyline that made me smile, one storyline that really made me cheer -- I had an argument with my parents a couple of months ago where I didn't articulate the things Alan was saying nearly as well as he did -- and one storyline that was a bit too much over the top crack, but in the end it knew it was over the top crack and had a reason for being so that was actually poignant. I thought it was the season finale, but they did a "next week" coming attraction which made me happy until I realized that older son's school award ceremony is that night and I may not be home in time. Collapse )

And as for Jerry Falwell...sorry, I can't muster one iota of regret, as one of those feminist queer abortionists who helped make 9/11 happen by causing Jerry's narrow-minded bigoted raging God who hates women and homosexuals to turn His contempt upon America. I rest secure in the knowledge that, if the heaven Jerry believes in really exists, I'll never see him again because I'm going to Hell, whereas if there is any justice in the universe, I'll never see him again because he's the one going to Hell. Hate is hate, in Whoever's name you're preaching it.