May 17th, 2007

little review

Poem for Thursday

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I had a lovely day with juleskicks, who came up for an early lunch at California Pizza Kitchen before the mall got mobbed, then sat me down to watch the parts of the remake of The Hitcher that I wanted to see (namely: no violence, torture or murder except of really stupid cops, of which this movie had so many that it would be impossible to skip over all of them). It's a really bad movie and it's not even like I can compare it to the terrifying Rutger Hauer original because that movie was extremely scary and made a real impression with less onscreen violence, whereas this's bad when you're slashing the killer and his victims, isn't it? Jules says I can't go to hell for this but it was her idea in the first place!

Since we were already discussing great wrongness, I put on the highlights of The Search for John Gissing (Gissing/Chair OTP) and Gangster No. 1 (Paul Bettany/David Thewlis' clothes OTP) and I realized I really need to show her Volver, which is one of the best movies about women who need to smash things that I've ever seen. Otherwise it was a pretty uneventful day...younger son had violin which ended just as the worst thunderstorm in a year hit, I tried calling older son to tell him to wait under cover at the bus stop for me but he and his friend had already started walking, I found them cowering under a bush a few yards away and brought them both back here absolutely soaked, then we lost power for awhile. By the time it came back on I had a belated list of articles that I was apparently supposed to write in the evening, two big fat long ones and a shorter one...did one of the long ones, power went out again right when I hit send and for a minute I thought I lost it but there must be a higher power because it posted. Phew.

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Watched this week's episode of The Tudors in the evening, a show that has completely sucked me in despite myself. It's not that the acting is so superlative -- some of the supporting performances are quite over the top -- and it's not that it's either historically accurate or so well written dramatically that I forget the real history, but it manages to be quite appealing and attractive (the number of stunningly beautiful people, men and women, on that show has got to be some kind of record). My kids like it too...I don't mind if they see the sex but I hope the violence doesn't get as bad as Rome and Brotherhood or that may have to stop, which would be a shame because they actually know this history pretty well and have interesting things to say about the adaptation.