May 19th, 2007

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Poem for Saturday

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I never made it into the shower Friday morning, because five minutes after I sent younger son off to school, the phone rang. It was the school office: it was younger son's day to bring snack for his school book group, and he sort of forgot that he needed two large bags of chip-type food. So I was at Giant before 9 a.m., not the way I had intended to start my day. Worse, on the way home I noticed that the minivan had a light on the dashboard that said, ominiously, "CHECK" without any sort of illustration or note about specifically what needed to be checked. I called apaulled, who announced that, oh yeah, the light had come on for him too when he had driven older son to the bus stop earlier and we really should get it checked out. So I lost my transportation for the day to the Toyota dealer, where it turned out to need its air sensors (or something like that) replaced.

The good news is that the van parts were under warranty, and we got it back in the evening after dinner with my parents. And to make it up to me for being stuck in the house, husband picked up The Glastonbury Tarot for me at a local metaphysical store, yay! I wrote a review of The Next Generation's "The Big Goodbye", possibly better than it deserved, but the supporting cast was terrific and it was fun to see Picard not frowning for a change! And, I mean, so Wesley saves the ship again, big deal -- he still annoys me less than Seven of Nine, Wonder Borg. Oh, we ended up watching Stargate: Atlantis and I really loved this episode, though it was not nearly as hyped to me as other episodes this season, and I think it's because I liked Teyla in it, plus John was great under pressure (and got to tell Ronon he was disturbed) and I like Rodney best when he's cataloguing all the ways in which they're screwed. I enjoy that show when I watch it but I just have no urge to wade into that fandom or any other fandom at the moment!

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I really want to go see the new Amelia Earhart exhibit in Oklahoma City. Anyone here who can tell me about it? *g* I am pleased to report that older son has brought his grade up significantly in science, though he is still grounded due to the Mother's Day Incident and did not get to play computer games (which makes me officially the Meanest Mother Alive, so all the rest of you moms are off the hook). vertigo66 and I are going to try to take our families to Spider-Man this weekend while everyone else is at Shrek, so maybe I will get some points for that!