May 21st, 2007

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Poem for Monday

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We had a nice brunch Sunday morning with my parents and uncle, whose wife and son were flying back to L.A. at around the time I arrived...uncle is going to Wilmington on business so is staying in the area for a couple of days. After eating lots of whitefish and lox, we took the kids to go get bike helmets (which younger son is pitching a fit about wearing -- the old one's too small, the new one he simply objects to on principle because his best friend's mother doesn't make him wear a helmet and no number of photos of subdural hematomas seem to be getting through his thick skull). We also looked at loft beds at the bunk bed store that's going out of business, but weren't positive exactly what we wanted even though the prices were fabulous.

Since we were in the shopping center with the Toys R Us, we went in there, looked at all the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Legos and I gave a covetous glance at the Barbie (well, Ken) Wizard of Oz Winkie Guard and flying monkey, which they had for the relatively bargain price of $40 (it's $69-80 online most places), but I can't rationalize spending that kind of money even to complete a set I started a decade ago! No Harry Potter toys yet, though thanks to dementordelta I have one of the new Harrys...he's just lonely for Snape. *g* Since it was a perfectly gorgeous day, we also went for a walk at Locust Grove:

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In the evening I had to fold laundry, so since we were already in the mood, we put on Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, which makes me love it more every time I watch it. A lot of reviewers complained about its length but it doesn't feel too long to me -- I need the slow parts to catch my breath between the Hamster Ball of Doom and the Hamster Wheel of Destiny! And poor Orlando Bloom comes in for so much abuse, but what's he supposed to be able to do with lines like, "I'm not going to eat you!" delivered to a parrot? I truly believe Elizabeth keeps directing the compass at Jack not because she wants him, but because she wants to be him. And Will really is not standing in her way, so even though everyone pairs both of them with everyone but in fic most of the time, I really hope they end up together (with occasional visits from Jack, James or both).

The Tudors, however, really lost me this week. I'm fine with quite a bit of historical liberty where it comes to people's personalities, friendships and love affairs -- Elizabeth I doesn't have to be a virgin, Anne Boleyn can fool around with her brother -- but for the past couple of weeks, it has seemed to me that they were merging the stories of Henry VIII's younger sister Mary with his older sister Margaret (the former never appearing on this series, the latter a significant character). In the latest episode, Margaret Collapse ) What kind of idiots do they think American viewers are...oh, never mind, skip that question. As I was just saying to divineway, this show is very pretty and very stupid.

On the subject of invented history, has anyone read Ghostwalk, the Sir Isaac Newton alchemical conspiracy murder mystery? From The Washington Post review, it sounds like it could either be a great read like Foucault's Pendulum, The Historian and The Eight or a bad Da Vinci Code sort of thing in which Newton is the villain. I need better information! And I so don't get why glaciers would make people weigh less but maybe I should move to remote Canada!