May 22nd, 2007

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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That's the poem that invented the fictional character for whom the Cutty Sark was named (if you prefer a version with a glossary, visit Burns Country). I'm so upset about the ship! I saw the BBC photos while looking up Patrick Stewart's new Shakespeare productions. We were at the ship in 2003 and took the tour in 2005 before she was closed to visitors for renovations. I hope those renovations are completed anyway, and I really hope it wasn't arson.

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I had to write about the aforementioned Stewart plays and can never decide how much of a prevaricator I think he is...he was desperately homesick for England, or for his much-much-much younger co-star from the last play he did over there before he dumped his American wife? Ah well, I'd love to see him in Macbeth anyway...I saw him in Othello and he was terrific. (In other good Trek news, Data has been inducted into the Robot Hall of Fame at Carnegie Mellon University.) And Tim Russ thinks CBS is going to let him charge money for Of Gods and Men, the Star Trek "not a fan film" starring Walter Koenig, Garrett Wang and several others who...well, let's just say that Star Trek was the highlight of their careers and they haven't stopped trying to make money off show their gratitude to the fans.

Younger son and his best friend have been having problems with an older kid in the neighborhood who keeps telling them stories about how he throws stones at cats when he sees them. Today the kid was provoking them, and they called him a loser, and he threw a stone at younger son and the friend, and the friend retaliated with a much larger stone, and a neighbor saw...needless to say things were Not Good. Now both my kids are grounded from video games, which seems to have older son in a better mood. Or maybe it's that I bought him Messenger, the sequel to The Giver, at Borders when I took younger son to the orthodontist in the morning. (Younger son wanted the novelization of Pirates 3; I got it for him on the condition that he not tell me about it.) I was excited to discover that they had Zerner and Farber's True Love Tarot for $3.99 -- I like her artwork very much.

perkypaduan came over (with sushi!) and brought Grey Gardens, the documentary about Jacqueline Kennedy's Bouvier cousins who were living in miserable co-dependent squalor in the family mansion in the Hamptons, the younger of whom ended up becoming a cult figure after this film, which she apparently took as a major compliment. I can't decide whether it's really amusing or really sad. As for the Heroes season finale...some aspects rocked (mostly character interactions between my favorite pairings all seasons, and I don't mean 'ships necessarily -- I mean Claire with her dad and Nikki and her alter ego, for instance). And some aspects were kind of confusing, like whether a character I never assumed had a super-power is actually using mind-control on her nearest and dearest or whether some of them are just wishy-washy pushovers. But as for the one I haven't liked all season, no tacked-on redemption could change my mind about that. Collapse )