May 30th, 2007

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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Been awake since 4 a.m., so this may not even be coherent. Not a lot to report, anyway: did a bunch of work on one of my web sites that desperately needed it, wrote three articles for TrekToday, two of which involved transcribing tedious interviews (the Alexander Siddig one was interesting but since the questions weren't included in the video, it was hard to tell when he was talking about an actor vs. a character, the Lee Arenberg one was fun when he was talking about theater/film work and not name-dropping). Schlepped kids various places, tried to deal with younger son's best friend who came in with his arm bleeding after a fall from a bike who refused to go see his own mother because she was dealing with her two babies. Eep.

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Boston Legal finally ran its season finale, which I enjoyed though it says a lot to me about why I watch this show that I found it sadly apolotical even though it was a fantastic Alan/Denny story with a nice side of Jerry/Clarence/Shirley and a few seconds of !bliss! Brad/Denise. For a dreadful moment I thought they were setting us up for an ugly rift to shake things up next season, but they didn't even let that idea stick around long enough to shake things up in the episode...I shall trust David E. Kelley more next time, and that is a reason for sticking with any show. Collapse )

Had dinner at California Tortilla, and hopefully apaulled will be home in time for dinner Wednesday! Now must go collapse as I have to be up before 6 again, bleh.