June 1st, 2007

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Poem for Friday

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Another banned poem, this one from the UK, labeled blasphemy and libel because it's an explicit sexual fantasy about a homosexual Jesus Christ. Don't read it if that concept offends you. (The idea isn't unheard of in US poetry, either; Allen Ginsberg's "Old Love Story" has a less graphic description of Jesus as a lover of men.) The Gay News printed "The Love that Dares To Speak Its Name" in 1976 and was sued for it in 1979 after a complaint by the founder of the National Viewers' and Listeners' Association; the publisher of the Gay News was given a nine-month suspended jail sentence.

I had a pretty uneventful day, the highlight of which was lunch with gblvr at La Madeleine, followed by a trip to Toys R Us at the other end of the shopping center. I was all set to buy a Pirate Elizabeth Swann action figure, but then I saw the Barbie bathroom for $11.99, with the cat sitting on the toilet -- Cinnamon's favorite spot -- glaring into the fish bowl...how I could I resist? (They had another set with an aquarium and a different cat on top trying to reach her paw in, but that one came with a Barbie and a sofa, so I refrained!) I also bought the kids Epic Movie -- the rated version, not the unrated, though I'd appreciate a report on what's in that one -- and we all watched it and howled again. I suppose I should be ashamed of this, heh.

Almost as good, gblvr and I went into World Market and discovered that they have UK Cadbury and Twinings from London as opposed to the weaker US version! No Nestle Mint Aero or Kendal Mint Cake, but you can't have everything and maybe they'll get that at some point. In even more good news, I'm sure everyone knows that pornish_pixies is back, and that Universal is building a Harry Potter theme park. And the headache I had all day due to the 90 degree heat and Code Orange air quality is finally gone...I think sleeping till 9:30 this morning helped, though I have to be up very early again tomorrow as son has a first-thing-in-the-morning orchestra performance and my in-laws are coming!

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And because this kind of good news should always be celebrated: New Hampshire's governor signed same-sex civil unions into law, saying, "It's never too soon to act to prevent discrimination."