June 2nd, 2007

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Poem for Saturday

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My in-laws arrived bright and early on Friday from Pennsylvania to go to younger son's final elementary school orchestra performance, which was held at 9:30 a.m. so as not to interfere with anyone attending the local high school graduation later in the day. Son played all of the pieces for strings, including one he composed himself, entitled "Birdie Song," which actually sounded reasonably sophisticated compared to some of the other student compositions (I love that this music teacher lets them write their own music and creates orchestral-sounding backups on his keyboard). Then in-laws went downtown while I stayed home to get life in order, not very successfully; did manage to write a mean-spirited review of "Angel One" sure to get me labeled a feminist shrike, but what else is new?

In the afternoon I had a house full of boys, as several of the kids' friends were here, then apaulled picked his parents up from the Metro and we all went to the elementary school end-of-year bash, where we ate pizza (kids) and chicken salad (adults) and the kids went on assorted moon bounces, slides, batting cages, etc. I left early with older son, who was rather out of his peer group and was bored after the Dippin' Dots. There were bunnies around the side of the playground happily munching away on the grass, totally unconcerned about all the people, which made me happy.

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I wanted to record the first two POTC movies for my in-laws but the first one is no longer On Demand, which is annoying because they got annoyed that I didn't want to lend them my DVDs but now that I have seen the third movie, I would like to rewatch the first two myself, and the last time I loaned them a DVD, they had it for several months. It irritates me when people act like we're a lending library because we have a lot of movies...the whole reason we have them is so we can watch them when we want. If they're going to keep things for extended periods, I think we should get late fees!