June 8th, 2007

little review

Poem for Friday

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Another semi-hectic day, and my neck is sore and itching AGAIN where I had that mole removed months ago and I am really irritated! I had lunch with gblvr at Fuddruckers, which was lovely -- I haven't been to the one in Rockville since they moved into the space that used to be Fritzbe's, and we sat in the Beatles booth (though as I told her, had I known there was an Elvis booth, I might have insisted upon sitting there). I had their Thai chicken sandwich only without the sandwich part and it was very good. But I had tried to go to World Market before meeting her, and I had all sorts of stuff picked out from Cadbury for younger son to incense for a friend to a wooden snakey for dementordelta, and after twenty minutes of waiting for them to fix both of the open registers, I gave up and left everything so I wouldn't be late for lunch. Woe!

Came home to get the kids, then we went to a "welcome picnic" at what will be older son's high school..."picnic" in this case meaning school cafeteria hamburgers and hot dogs! And no one had bothered to mention that younger siblings should be left at home as the entire "picnic" was programmed indoors. So apaulled walked with younger son to the nearby Jerry's to get him something edible (mini crab cake subs, mmm) while I sat and made small talk with some of the other parents and read all the PTSA information and avoided recruiters for the Boosters.

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So I see that I can run away to Canada this summer, even though Congress can't get their act together on the immigration bill, and Bush let his boyfriend Tony Blair talk him into supporting the G-8 call to reduce global warming by limiting emissions. Maybe he thought it meant seminal emissions. *giggles like ten year old* Okay, obviously I need to go to sleep before I start commenting on Al Sharpton commenting on Paris Hilton when he could be commenting on the immigration bill or the environment...talk about greenhouse gases! Am reading lots of 40th anniversary articles about the Six-Day War, from one political extreme to the other...lots of food for thought, at least. But oh do I know better than to open that can of worms here!