June 12th, 2007

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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Thanks for the condolences about Ginger...we're all pretty sad, though I wouldn't say we're upset exactly...we had a feeling this was coming the last time we visited my in-laws and saw that the dog could barely walk anymore. I actually had quite a nice morning, as cidercupcakes came to visit and while we were trying to decide whether to go to Great Falls or eat lunch out, she mentioned that she had never seen Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, which made "what should we do today" a no-brainer. I called a friend to ask whether my younger son could go home with her son for a little while, called the school to have them tell son to go to her house and took off for the movies.

It's funny -- I have total, absolute, unreserved love for this movie, in a way that I did not for the first two even though I think the first one is better edited and the acting in all three is delightful (yes, Orlando Bloom too -- it's not his fault if his character is written as the straight man). I don't think I realized how essential Barbossa was to my enjoyment of the first until he returned in the third, but the third movie in particular is Elizabeth's story and I love watching her come into her own, her entire arc, even the ending which I find really appropriate and not a downer. Came home, wrote brief articles on the Tony Awards and how George Takei is doing a bit part in a smutty teen movie in New Orleans for his summer vacation, entertained three boys, had dinner, not a bad afternoon either except for being sad.

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In the evening I put on what I got in the mail...I had ordered the special edition of Field of Dreams from Deep Discount DVD's big summer sale, because I have unreserved love for it (yes, Kevin Costner too) and although I had bought it on VHS and recorded it off cable, I needed the DVD which comes with several specials that I have not watched yet plus deleted scenes, which I have! Lots of new scenes in various states of finish (the one at Fenway looks very clean, the one in the garden looks like it was in a rubbish bin). More Amy Madigan and more James Earl Jones! And a bit more of Archie and the metaphysics of "going out," and Annie saying that Ray's agnostic, which wasn't entirely clear before. I didn't inherit my father's love of baseball on a game-to-game basis but I completely relate to American generational myth of the sport. (They were just showing Mets highlights on the news and there were seagulls on the field that would not go away until the pitcher chased them...hee!) Of course the movie made me cry, but it always does. Sigh.

Eee, Yahoo! has the American Gangster trailer! And I still haven't managed to catch Russell on American Chopper with his motorcycles!