June 13th, 2007

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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On Wednesday, my younger son graduates from elementary school and my older son from middle school. This means I have to get up very early and get all dressed up and do a whole bunch of things, so this will be a short entry. I don't have a lot to report from today, anyway, since I was home doing work and answering a lot of correspondence. *g* And scanning photos. Older son's last day of school Tuesday was spent at Six Flags on roller coasters and the Nantucket, which is apparently a flume that left him quite wet (which is probably a good thing as it was very hot out and he came home with his nose a bit sunburned). Younger son had a pizza party in class and came home with a crowd of boys who wanted to play some Wii Mario game; I sent them all outside to ride bikes instead.

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Since we had to pick older son up from his field trip, we had dinner out (mall Thai, not the best but passable). My two articles for the day were an inconsequential one about the Filmation founder and the animated Star Trek series, and a fun one about a Vulcan in Canada...okay, actually just a guy with green blood. Really. Hey, have to have some distraction from US prisons banning religious books. And now I'm stressed about my stress. I'm so glad I never saw a single episode of The Sopranos so I don't have to be involved in the hysteria over the finale, at least!