June 14th, 2007

little review

Poem for Thursday

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I have been at kids' graduations for most of the day, so I am really mystified about the LiveJournal zombie posting business -- I basically didn't read LJ today because I had very little time and what time I did have did not allow for figuring out the zombie business, so hope it was fun! I got up bright and early to drive to what will soon be older son's high school, which was hosting his middle school promotion. Collapse ) This is the last graduating class before the elementary school building where both my kids attended is torn down and rebuilt, so it's very nostalgic.

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In my brief moments of surfing news sites, this Times of London story both made my day and made me sad: made my day because of the 100 year old whale that apparently eluded hunters for decades, made me sad because it is no more. Oh, and could someone from California explain the so-called "Pet Extinction Bill" to me? I've come across people passionately arguing both sides, and I'm still not entirely certain even from news sources what the bill would actually do. Tomorrow is Official Last Day of School for younger son (he has to go if he wants his George Bush Presidential Scholar certificate at the awards ceremony :p). I will catch up on comments and I promise not to talk so much!