June 29th, 2007

little review

Poem for Friday

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The major events of my day were an hour-long traffic jam on a ride that should have taken less than fifteen minutes, picking apaulled up from work so we could all go out for Indian food, and a visit to the orthodontist to get two extra retainer cases for younger son because every time he has gone anywhere in the past few days, he has needed to have one with him and I knew that if I sent him with our one and only, it would likely get lost. Now I have one to keep in my purse and he has one to keep in his backpack in addition to the one he needs at home for meals. I am terrified of the thrown-out-in-napkin restaurant or guest dinner situation!

In other news, I finally finished reading The Secret Supper many months after I bought it and many days after I started reading it in the car from the beach. Collapse ) And I wrote two Star Trek articles that had nothing to do with Trek XI! One on William Windom, who actually admitted he found the original series cartoonish and had the impression that Shatner was jealous of Nimoy, hahahaha, plus one on Roddenberry getting inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame, with his son continuing the Wow I Can Cash In game and Wil Wheaton continuing the I'm Not Just Cashing In I'm Also A Fan game. (Am I the only Trekker who actually preferred Wheaton in the Wesley days?) Son is reading Into Thin Air so we watched the Everest IMAX movie, which is terrific, on DVD. And in more Star Trek news I watched "Too Short a Season" so I can figure out how in heck to review it.

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