July 1st, 2007

little review

Poem for Sunday

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I spent most of the day at the annual Smithsonian Folklife Festival, which this year focuses on the Mekong Valley, Northern Ireland and Virginia's earliest inhabitants and settlers. We started with the latter, having just been to Jamestown which was a big focus of the exhibits -- the Susan Constant was on the fans they were giving out, and the America's 400th Anniversary logo with the three ships was on the free packets of Virginia peanuts they were distributing all afternoon. There were a lot of displays on the areas in England where the settlers came from, including quite a bit about Canterbury Cathedral and castles in Kent. There was also log cabin building, John Smith's shallop (which we saw last year at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum) and local folk music.

But the local folk music was rather drowned out by the utterly fantastic Irish traditional band Four Men and a Dog, whom we saw at the other end of the festival amidst exhibits on the construction of the Titanic in Belfast, hurling sticks, coastal archaeology, church building and stonecutting, quilting and cooking, including a booth on Irish whiskey. We didn't see a lot of the Mekong Valley displays because the kids had gotten very sticky eating huge pieces of watermelon and my father's sciatica was bothering him; instead we came home, got cleaned up and went out to the Tour Grill, where I had very good crab soup. We stopped at World Market on the way home for Cadbury.

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Watched the Doctor Who finale with younger son after having seen the prequel parts last week, even though we haven't seen the middle third of this season yet -- it was wrenching even not getting some of the events referenced (I can't bear to listen to any "JUST WAIT" comments while watching on Sci-Fi like I was subjected to last year). Still not sold on Martha vs. Rose but will certainly take her over many other female characters, which I guess puts me in excellent company. Sunday is my 17th wedding anniversary; I think we're spending the day with the kids and taking them to see a local outdoor production of The Tempest in the evening, since we missed much of the one in Virginia Beach.