July 2nd, 2007

little review

Poem for Monday

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We had a relatively quiet Sunday after being out a lot of Saturday, though we did some running around trying to get haircuts and completely struck out (the Hair Cuttery nearest us has closed; the Hair Cuttery in Congressional was mobbed, as was Cartoon Cuts, still our default since the kids were very young). Finally we gave up and took the kids out for ice cream and did some grocery shopping. Stopped in the wine store and bought a bottle of Eiswein for our anniversary -- I'm pretty sure we've had this in my pagan circle, it's deliciously sweet -- and ate a bit of UK Cadbury, because what is a celebration without chocolate involved? apaulled got us tickets to go see Vienna Teng in concert on July 19th, so I am very happy about that, too.

In the evening Olney Theatre's Summer Shakespeare Festival was putting on The Tempest, so we packed our seat cushions and drove out there. It was a very good production -- a bit slow to get started, though there were pantomime performances of the tempest itself and the coup and aftermath during all the narration, but the magic segments were superbly done, with eerie music and beautiful lighting. The comedic actors playing Trinculo and Stefano were very funny and Caliban was terrific -- funny when he needed to be, powerful when he needed to be. Miranda was far more earthy than I've ever seen her portrayed before but it wasn't particularly distracting. Prospero was probably the weakest link, as he had terrific stage presence and did the major speeches beautifully, but kept blowing minor lines with obvious stammering. Collapse )

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