July 4th, 2007

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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We're off to my in-laws for the July 4th holiday on Wednesday morning, so most of Tuesday was spent doing chores in preparation. Older son spent the morning at a friend's house while younger son played with friends around here, then my father took both boys to the pool while I folded laundry. Thelma and Louise was on On Demand and I wanted to record it, so even though I have very mixed feelings about that movie, I watched it. It used to infuriate me -- there's something wrong with a movie that suggests it's more positive for women to leap off the planet than try to make the system work for them (I've read academic analysis about how they're free as birds at the end because we never see gravity take effect, but I think that's crap; it's Butch and Sundance running into the hail of bullets and the picture freezing). Now it just makes me sad. I can't even smile when they blow up the truck. Though wow, Geena Davis is gorgeous -- sometimes I forget.

Wrote articles on how ILM is doing the Star Trek XI special effects (no big surprise there) and how Dominic Keating will be a regular next season on Heroes...either someone there is a big Trekkie or Keating had a great audition, as he's playing an Irish mobster, according to Variety. Well, if they could have Christopher Eccleston then they can have more Star Trek alumni than George Takei! Speaking of whom, we watched a bit of "Dalek" because younger son and I were trying to remember exactly what was current Who canon on how the Daleks were made. Then we put on Wargames which we also wanted to record while it was On Demand, though I only saw the very end; it's held up extremely well given the dearth of special effects ("the only winning move is not to play") and it has John Spencer.

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I see George II is now threatening hinting at a full pardon later in his term when there will be fewer political consequences. Happy freakin' independence day and good luck finding the Constitution...Collapse )