July 6th, 2007

little review

Poem for Friday

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Thursday the weather was iffy -- forecast was for thunderstorms -- so rather than driving to Gettysburg, we went to nearby Codorus State Park, which surrounds the huge artificial Lake Marburg -- created when Codorus Creek was blocked off by the state and a local paper company, submerging the town of Marburg and creating 26 miles of lakefront shoreline. Because the park was created by the paper company's dam to supply the industry, it is free to enter and magnificently kept, with picnic areas, several boat launches and lots of wildlife, including dozens of groundhogs, rabbits, swallows, purple martins, Canada geese and a variety of fish, some of which can be caught and eaten. We saw many animals and lots of people out canoeing.

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We went out to lunch at the Hanover Isaac's Deli, which pleased younger son because all the sandwiches are named after birds (the deli's mascot is a pink flamingo). Since the sky was overcast but there did not appear to be a storm on the way, we then went to Gettysburg Battlefield to hike around Devil's Den, which is one of our kids' favorite things to do in this area. There were lots of people around since it's just after the anniversary of the battle and there's a reenactment over the weekend, but we also saw hawks, frogs, dragonflies and a skink near the creek. We left when it appeared that the weather was finally turning, stopping at a shoe store because younger son had done a number on his old shoes in the mud the previous day, then coming back for dinner and to watch the bunnies in the back before they ran to hide from the thunderstorm. Since it was raining, we made s'mores around a fondue light in the kitchen!