July 8th, 2007

little review

Poem for Sunday

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After the usual weekend breakfast at my in-laws' house (pancakes, eggs, sausages, applesauce), we went hiking in a different part of Codorus State Park on Saturday morning, weaving through the woods across from the dam that created the lake which in turn created the park. At one point we were between tall pines and a cornfield; at another, between the lake and a knotted tangle of wild raspberries. It was gorgeous, though quite hot out.

Then we went back to my in-laws' for a small lunch after that huge breakfast and drove separately to Boyd's Bear Country, which was having a local crafts display in and out of the huge barn that houses the world's biggest teddy bear store. The quilters were inside, the kids' crafts outside, and since it was so hot we mostly stayed in, but we discovered that Boyd's is now importing Hansa's realistic stuffed animals including penguins, which pleased younger son immensely. (apaulled volunteered spontaneously to get me the Wizard of Oz miniature bear set, which is adorable!)

We said farewell to the kids for a couple of days and drove home, stopping at Barnes & Noble to get a 90th birthday present for my uncle. We were going to watch some of the highlights of Live Earth, but Comcast was down in our area for several hours, finally coming on after dark, so instead we listened to it on the radio until finally we had TV and internet and could watch. Sounds like the DC portion was unenthralling anyway...someone tell me if there are any parts worth hunting up online!

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