July 12th, 2007

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Poem for Thursday

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We saw Order of the Phoenix right in the middle of the day, so that was our major event for Wednesday. Having no idea whether there would be a lot of people waiting long beforehand -- the earliest shows were sold out by the time we got our tickets, which were for 12:15 -- I wanted to make sure that we would get good seats and arrived with the kids more than an hour early, and since it was the first show of the day in this particular theater at the multiplex they let us in right away, so we had our choice of seats. apaulled took half a day off and came to meet us with chicken nuggets. We all enjoyed it a lot; younger son isn't all that much of a fan and has read each of the books only once, so had forgotten quite a bit of what was going to happen, while older son read all the books several times and was making predictions about Book Seven based on what Tolkien, George Lucas, etc. would do.

It wasn't a particularly quiet theater, being about half teenagers and young adults in groups, half parents with kids, and they showed a boatload of previews -- The Dark Is Rising would look good if it weren't, you know, The Dark Is Rising, which is NOT supposed to be about a contemporary American kid for Merlin's sake! Even if Christopher Eccleston looks delectable with all that hair. I didn't see the last two Bourne movies but the cast in this one looks awesome -- were Joan Allen and David Strathairn in the previous two? -- so I am thinking I may remedy that before next month. And the Get Smart remake with Steve Carell looks hilarious, though that is a year away.

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This story about Brian May finishing his PhD gave me hope -- I am nowhere near 30 years late yet. Of course, I am also not a millionaire rock star, sadly. It will surprise no one, I'm sure, that when Paramount releases the original Star Trek on HD-DVD, they will include never-before-seen behind-the-scenes footage from the 1960s so people who already paid a fortune for the set once will do so again! And it will also surprise no one that Bush has put forth a homophobic asshole to be our new Surgeon General, and even though I have tried to stay away from politics lately in this journal I feel compelled to link to the Act For Change page to tell your senators to block the Holsinger nomination.