July 16th, 2007

little review

Poem for Monday

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I was planning to get up and drive the hour and a half to Hunt Valley for the last day of the Shore Leave convention, but a late start, disorganization in terms of meetings/interviews and apaulled deciding to make a big breakfast for the kids -- combined with younger son calling my parents and negotiating to go see Harry Potter again -- ended up keeping me local. Which was fine, because we all went together to Order of the Phoenix and I was very happy to see it again so soon...we had said maybe we'd go to the IMAX near Dulles Airport next Sunday afternoon if we'd finished the book by then, but that seems like a long time away and I wanted to make sure I saw it again before the Deathly Hallows paradigm shift.

My reactions were much the same as on Wednesday: the things I really liked last time, I loved this time, like Collapse ), while the things that had annoyed me a bit now really annoy me, like Collapse ) I didn't read the Book Seven alleged spoilers, and in fact I would probably not have known about the alleged spoilers had there not been an explosion of outraged reactions to the alleged spoilers which will certainly do more to spread the alleged spoilers far and wide -- just as the troll who posted them undoubtedly wants. I am really difficult to spoil, as I have never had a book or movie ruined for me merely through the fact of knowing what was going to happen (this includes The Crying Game, The Sixth Sense, etc.), but I usually end up as irritated at the people screaming about the wank in any wankfest as I do at the wank itself, so I believe I shall go into lockdown mode early. Expect photos, movie blather and absolutely no snarking or expectations about Deathly Hallows here for a week! Here, have some plot bunnies instead.

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We ended up ordering pizza at my parents' since the movie let out around dinnertime, came back here on the late side and I finished neither laundry nor the third of my TrekToday articles -- I did get Hidden Frontier and the Captain's Log DVD set covered, at least. Monday the kids will be in camp and I can catch up on things then!