July 20th, 2007

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Lyrics for Friday

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I did a bunch of chores and wrote a Shatner article and things like that today, but I spent most of the afternoon and evening at the Birchmere, and since both HP fandom and LiveJournal are in states of insanity with which I cannot cope at present in my post-migraine mid-menstrual state, I am just going to talk about the concert. Which was amazing. We got there very early -- the box office opens at 5 and starts giving out seating tickets -- so we arrived at 4:45, got ticket number three, then sat and had nachos and Cokes for an hour while waiting for the dining room to open. The Birchmere has mostly Southern food, though they also have burgers and chicken sandwiches; I had seafood gumbo, apaulled had Cajun macaroni and cheese. The food was great but I barely made a dent in mine, the portions are so big. Christina Courtin and her band opened; they have great energy and she's a lot of fun to watch, though her musical style isn't quite my thing.

Vienna Teng does three kinds of songs: breathtakingly beautiful songs, amazingly powerful songs and songs that leave me inarticulate with tears running down my face. When I skip songs of hers on the CDs ("Love Turns 40," "Passage"), it's because I just can't take them at the moment, not because I don't like them. "Momentum" and "Nothing Without You" have made me sniffly more than once. "City Hall" never actually had that effect on me before tonight, but the two men sitting in front of us were hugging and crying through the whole song and I was crying too halfway through, even though the melody is totally upbeat and everyone was clapping along. Collapse ) For anyone who is 1) local and 2) not a Harry Potter fan, she will be in Annapolis tomorrow at the Ram's Head Tavern and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

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Since everyone is diving in various directions, I am cruisedirector or cruisedirectr on pretty much every journaling site around -- you can find links to other journals on my userinfo page here. But I have a permanent account and 10GB of storage space here that I am not giving up. All fan fiction that shouldn't be seen by underage eyes is custom-locked here and posted elsewhere in the places where it's been for a long time, and the photos, poetry and blather will continue here as they have. Sorry if my lack of activism offends you, but I'd rather protect my butt and the content of this journal which is nearly five years old and represents a significant chunk of my life, of which fanfic is only a small part.

It's my younger son's eleventh birthday. Where I spend the evening -- at the Silver Spring Harry Potter party, watching Doctor Who, going out for ice cream -- will largely depend on what he wants to do after camp and dinner with my parents.