July 22nd, 2007

little review

Poem for Sunday

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Guess what I did pretty much all day! I won't lie, I got a head start and read as much as I could stand yesterday. Slept late because my throat and head are still not right, had lunch with my kids, sent them off to my parents and sat down to take notes. Drank tea, ate German Chocolate Cake ice cream, kids came home and started reading their copy, kept taking notes till our late dinner, then typed and here I am trying to catch up on everyone else's notes!

Am feeling a bit down, but that's because several of the people I usually chat with about fannish things are out of town, doing their own thing, still reading or completely apathetic, not because of anything that happened in DH or the sense of anti-climax though I am sure that will come. This fandom has seen me through a number of friendships, writing partnerships and social groups online, and I'm expecting a slow diffusion like with Star Trek and LOTR. Will dig in my heels and hope the people who say they're sticking around really do, one way or another.

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