July 24th, 2007

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Poem for Tuesday

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I would hereby like to announce that summer colds suck. Not that I want to complain too much, because I am so glad that if I had to be sick, it was this weekend when I intended to stay in reading anyway and this week when the kids are in camp and I don't have to schlep all over the place, nor am I at the beach, but I took Nyquil last night and slept insanely late and still feel like there's cotton in my head and I have to get up insanely early because apaulled has a very early phone conference and I am not looking forward to this at all.

In better news, I got everything done today that I needed to get done except having lunch. Got all three and a half loads of laundry done and sorted and folded while watching Rain Man, which held up so much better than I was expecting and reminded me that once upon a time I did not loathe Tom Cruise. Wrote articles on Trek XI (indeed no Shatner, there goes any lingering desire I had to see the movie), animated series canon (some whiners have a problem accepting this) and Kate Mulgrew (still Mary Sueing Janeway after all these years). Answered more posts and e-mails than I can remember doing in a single day since HBP came out. It was really rather fun.

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I had seen a preview (I think attached to Blades of Glory) for I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and thought it looked agonizingly heterosexist (marriage is a real special privilege for gays), sexist (being gay is a perfect opportunity to hit on women) and just plain awful. I get the New York Times review headlines e-mailed on Fridays and the reviewer called the movie "casually sexist, blithely racist" -- the barrage of gay jokes in for less criticism as the misogyny, not the fact of being gay but behaving like a woman that is played as repulsive and embarrassing. The ABC News reporter I overheard gave it a D, as did EW. I realize that most of OOTP's likely audience was at home reading DH, but how did Chuck and Larry end up on top of the box office? Ugh!

Watched snatches of the debate, wish I could say someone had impressed me enough to grab my full attention. Probably everyone fasting for Tisha B'Av is not online at the moment but if you happen to be, hope it goes well. I did not grow up fasting on the holiday and am ambivalent about it, having no desire for a restored priesthood or belief in a Messiah but being extremely fed up with European press coverage of Israel and revisionist history, and at the same time I was reading Rabbi Lerner's warning in Tikkun ("According to the rabbis, the reason the First Temple was destroyed is the reason that the Prophets predicted: Jews had power but used it without sensitivity and ignoring the Torah commands to care for the powerless, the poor, the homeless, the stranger"), and okay, this is too much politics particularly with a head cold!