July 26th, 2007

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Spent the middle of the afternoon at the doctor's office after twice blowing my nose and ending up on the floor because the room was spinning for five minutes. Had to call apaulled and make him come home and drive me. Doctor said my ears don't look infected but there's a lot of fluid in them and my sinuses are a mess and I need a much better decongestant than the over the counter stuff I've been using. Came home, had very quiet afternoon, wrote an obit of the guy who got credit for The Wrath of Khan screenplay even though the director apparently wrote the script they actually used, tried to get through an article on Trek gaming but couldn't string two thoughts together. Finally gave up.

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Yeah, so got precisely nothing else done today that I was supposed to. Comments, posts and stuff? Tomorrow. Think I have lunch plans but can't figure that out now either. Night!