July 27th, 2007

little review

Poem for Friday

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I had a very quiet Thursday, which I suspect I needed as the headache and aching sinuses I had all morning are finally not bothering me so much. Wrote one of the Star Trek stories I didn't get to yesterday while I was sick, tried to keep up with Comic-Con news -- original Star Trek Remastered on HD-DVD holds no appeal for me whatsoever, I'd rather watch the grainy originals as I remember them even if the new ones weren't going to cost $200+ for a single season -- and maybe I'm really just past my capacity to enjoy new Star Trek because I felt far more enthusiastic about Enterprise than I feel about Abrams!Trek. Maybe if I'd liked a single one of his TV shows or movies for more than a couple of episodes, I'd feel differently. Even Armageddon only works for me because I can't resist most of the cast.

Meanwhile real space news coming out of NASA was scary and the top law enforcement official in the US is also the biggest crook and today's top search on Yahoo is Lindsay Lohan, who along with Paris and Britney must be on someone's payroll to distract the world from anything that matters. Well, and professional athletes and people connected with them. I'm cranky because once again I see very little evidence that blogging is power at all and Obama should shut up and work on his own platform before he starts criticizing Clinton's and it's never good when I spend too much time reading internet news!

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Friday evening for younger son's birthday we are taking him to see The Simpsons with his best friend. I hope it's good!