July 29th, 2007

little review

Poem for Sunday

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We got up insanely early this morning to go to Breakfast with the Penguins at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. Younger son and his best friend -- who was still not asleep at 1 a.m. -- were wide awake and very chatty the whole way there. To our surprise there was already a big crowd when we got there, so we were in the later group for breakfast (eggs, pancakes, croissants, fruit, has browns, plus bacon and sausage that I didn't eat) and for throwing fish to the penguins in the water. Ascot, the penguin we met as a baby at the breakfast last year, is now an adult and still a "penguin ambassador" so he was waddling around on the grass with a keeper, and some of the other staff were showing penguin eggs and bones, showing photos of the nest boxes (there are several breeding pairs at this zoo with new babies every year) and running a silent auction, at which we won a painting by a penguin named Honkers. *g*

After we fed the penguins, we walked around the zoo, beginning in the African section since that's where the penguins are -- disinterested giraffes, chimpanzees with adorable babies and a lion who roared loudly all through the breakfast but had roared himself to sleep by the time we saw him -- then the Maryland section, which has a bog with local turtles and frogs, a cave beneath an otter pond and, at the moment, a bunch of African spoonbills and cranes who've been moved out of the watering hole because it's being renovated. There are also kids' things to climb on and a farm with goats that they can brush. And Italian ices!

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Sunday my parents are taking the kids to the Orioles-Yankees game (they had four tickets and I think were hoping apaulled would go and I would drag younger son around Baltimore all afternoon so we could all have dinner together, but I was utterly fried at the zoo after being sick most of the week and am not up for another full day in Baltimore) so I think apaulled and I are going to the art museum in DC and then watching Rasputin, which we've never seen and it turns out the public library had a copy of! Yay Alan Rickman!