July 30th, 2007

little review

Poem for Monday

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My parents took the kids to Baltimore for the Orioles/Yankees game, where they had good weather but a most unfortunate result. apaulled went downtown, where we had blissful ignorance of the Yankees score but terrible weather. Our original plan was to head to the National Gallery of Art, but it was raining so hard that we ducked into the nearer National Museum of National History. Which was mobbed -- not sure if lots of other people had the same idea when the sky opened up or whether there were just a lot of tourists and local visitors downtown on a rainy Sunday -- but we braved the crowds in Minerals & Gems to see the Tiffany Diamond while it's on loan to the museum, though I must confess that I'm always more impressed with the stones nature made than the ones people designed.

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When the rain stopped we walked to the Air & Space Museum to see the exhibit on Earth from space, but it was closed for some fire alarm renovation, which was quite annoying! So after wandering around a bit, we came home and watched Rasputin, which is a rather uneven movie but totally enjoyable anyway...Alan Rickman as the title character, Ian McKellen and Greta Scacchi as Nicholas and Alexandra, and Rickman plays Rasputin as utterly convinced that he had been touched by the divine even if the script didn't seem to be able to make up its mind whether he was a charlatan or not (nor whether he seduced the Tsarina or not). The acting is far better than the dialogue but even the little boy playing Alexei is very good, and Rickman just devours the screen when he's on -- you can't take your eyes off him. (And it's great fun to hear all the ways he's described as a wizard, heh.)

My parents decided not to stay in Baltimore in case the storms hit there, so they came back this way and we all had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, which is never my first choice but instead of pizza I had their kung pao spaghetti and it actually cleared my sinuses for awhile so I felt better. Now my headache is back and I am really sick of it. Am hoping it goes away with the bad weather!