August 4th, 2007

little review

Poem for Saturday

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I did three things primarily on Friday: packed for the beach, wrote a cranky review of TNG's "Coming of Age", and backed up my LiveJournal in its entirety at GreatestJournal and InsaneJournal, thanks to how-to information from penknife here and brown_betty here (I'm a longtime user of ljarchive, even though it doesn't work on my fan fiction community for reasons unknown, but this is the first time I've used ljsec either to change security settings or to migrate entries and I am going to send the creators a donation as soon as I'm finished cleaning up my GreatestJournal entries. Locking just the adult entries at my fic comm was a very time-consuming process but it's done now. I'm not quite finished custom-locking the Voyager fic here, but I figure there are two advantages to doing so: people who want to read my locked personal entries but not fan fiction won't have that stuff showing up on their friends lists, and I'll know that every single person seeing those posts here will not be offended. Really there is very little I have written that could be considered questionable, but I don't want to make legality the standard because there are still places where portrayals of two men kissing are illegal.

I also took the kids to lunch with perkypaduan, who will be babysitting Rosie and Cinnamon while we are at the beach. We had Thai food at the mall and went to look at shirts in Hot Topic (well, and I also looked for the Rose Titanic Barbie but KB Toys didn't have her). We had intended to watch The Natural, but came home to e-mail about the journal deletions and I wanted to lock my stuff at pornish_pixies right away. I think I got it all, but if anyone notices anything of mine that's not locked, I would appreciate it a lot if you told me! We had dinner at my parents' though I had (and still have) a screaming migraine, nail-pounding-over-the-right-eye sort. And I folded laundry watching Doctor Who, though I must say that the Dalek duology impressed me neither in terms of mythology nor in terms of characterization, though it had visuals I enjoyed and occasional sweet moments.

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