August 14th, 2007

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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I did not leave the house today. I spent pretty much the entire day importing, locking, exporting, editing and reposting material from one journal to another, separating out my real and fannish identities. I now have redundant backups of all three of my journals: fic, real life, and this one which is sort of in a twilight zone in between. I loved not having to separate out my friends and interests and stuff for awhile -- I loved that everyone who wanted to talk politics and poetry knew I was involved with fandom and vice versa. Now I guess I will be dividing everything up again. Well, my real life journal has more material than ever before, because I transferred everything that's not fannish and not a rant there. And my fic journal is more complete than it has ever been. Now am toying with the idea of locking this journal, because it has so much stuff mashed together and there are so many people reading it whom I don't know at all.

Other than that, all I did was post-travel chores, which were not insignificant, and attempted to clean up after the cat who had a hairball issue this morning, then followed me around whining all afternoon because I wouldn't give her more food until I was sure she was well. apaulled stopped at Best Buy and brought home the third and fifth seasons of Smallville on DVD -- they're on a big sale this week, and while we had seasons one, two and four, we never found three as cheaply -- which necessitated some rearranging of our DVD shelves. Next project is to get the dining room table cleared off. Need to figure out where to put the Dalek box we brought back from England collapsed which the kids have since restored to full size glory!

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dementordelta is coming Tuesday! *bounces* And a very happy birthday mamadracula -- your present is going to be late as usual, but it's coming!