August 17th, 2007

little review

Poem for Friday

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Sort of a weird quiet day. Younger son had middle school orientation in the morning, so while he was gone, older son and I started watching Cinderella Man which believe it or not is on the list of recommended US historical movies for future ninth graders -- they are supposed to pick one to watch over the summer and write a short report on it. He's seen that and Seabiscuit but they were the two that interested him the most (Some Like It Hot was on the list, but I could not convince him, hee!). Younger son came home partway through the movie, watched a bit, went downstairs to play a game saying he wasn't hungry for lunch, then came upstairs a bit later complaining of a terrible headache which I assumed at first was probably from being hungry, but now I think it has more to do with the fact that he got his retainer tightened yesterday -- he has been complaining about how his mouth feels, too. Do I give it another day before calling the orthodontist to ask whether this much pain is normal?

Since he was feeling so rotten, he took an afternoon nap and I stayed in, writing up an absolutely endless Star Trek convention report of which this is only part 47 (tomorrow I have to do parts 48-93 or so), plus I watched a Next Gen episode to review, the one where Worf first meets other Klingons which is actually really good by first season standards. Younger son just wanted to lie around on the couch when he was awake, and we ended up putting on Space Cowboys, a movie which has held up really well; when I first saw it I thought it was too long or maybe too unfocused, a geezers-in-space dramedy that abruptly turns into a post-Cold War thriller, but this time it was entirely enjoyable and the kids liked it too. I never even made it to CVS, let alone to buy school supplies, and Friday I will not have a van, as it needs to go in for servicing!

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