August 18th, 2007

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Poem for Saturday

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Adam felt better on Friday and apparently had a good time at the school orientation, where they had a scavenger hunt (they were told to find the swimming pool next to the gym, hahaha, which of course does not exist) and practiced opening their lockers, which Daniel laughed about but I remember his first week of middle school he couldn't get his open at one point and it nearly caused a crisis. In the afternoon, my father took them swimming. I had no transportation, as my van was in getting serviced (needed new brake pads, which was not a big surprise), so I wrote my review of "Heart of Glory" and plowed on through piles of Las Vegas convention reports, which did not get posted till it was already after midnight GMT.

apaulled came home and we went to my parents' house for dinner, where we had barbecue and my mother had unexpectedly made a Nubian chocolate roll for of my favorite things! Came home and watched "42" which again is not one of my favorite episodes of Doctor Who -- reminded me a bit overmuch of "The Impossible Planet" only without the coolness of the Ood and without Rose...I'm sorry to say that as much as I like Martha, it just isn't the same. A lot of what I do like seems similar to Rose -- the family ties, the immediate bonding with people very unlike herself, the refusal to leave the Doctor even when he's begging her to do so -- and I keep waiting for them to do something with her that's totally awesome and unexpected, but it hasn't happened yet. Then Adam wanted to watch the second episode of Flash Gordon, so we isn't particularly good, yet better than I was expecting, even though I think having an adversary from someplace called "Mongo" begs so hard for Blazing Saddles jokes that they'd have done better to break with canon and change it! Lots of scenes seem derivative of Star Trek, Star Wars and older science fiction, so it's kind of entertaining in a cheesy way. They better be building to a feminist revolution on Mongo!

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