August 23rd, 2007

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Not a very eventful Wednesday. Daniel went to play with his best friend, who is finally home from a summer in Bangladesh, while Adam's best friend spent the afternoon here at the request of his mother who had to take her two toddlers somewhere. So I wrote up a completely non-newsworthy bit on how there's now a photo of what might be interior art for the Star Trek HD-DVD set, if the leak is correct, plus yet another Zachary Quinto interview -- Heroes is going to be good next year, right, with him and Masa Oki returning and Dominic Keating and Kristin Bell coming aboard, and I'm not going to be totally freakin' sick of Zachary Quinto before the Star Trek movie opens? And I watched 3:10 To Yuma publicity and sighed and fantasized about what if Paramount had cast Russell Crowe and Christian Bale as Kirk and Spock, before remembering that that rumor is even beyond Paramount's PR department to make happen.

Watched the latter part of the Rangers' record-breaking humiliation of the Orioles, 30-3, a scoring feat not equaled in over a hundred years (the Chicago Cubs, who were then called the Colts, still hold the major league record for beating the Louisville Colonels 36-7 in 1897, but the Rangers' 30 runs set an American League record since the American League was not founded until 1901). It's bad enough to have this happen to my team, but to have this happen at the bats of George Bush's team, who were happily in last place, who got multiple hits off every starter and set team records for hits and had two grand slams...and they were LOSING 3-0 before scoring five runs in the fourth, then nine in the sixth and ten in the eighth...the best thing I can say about it is that at least the Orioles weren't in playoff contention and it didn't happen against the Yankees!

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On Thursday both my children have half-day mandatory orientations for middle and high school respectively. They are not at all pleased about this, but I'm afraid I am rather content that school is starting!