August 26th, 2007

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Poem for Sunday

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We had planned to go to the Maryland Renaissance Faire this Saturday, but the weather forecast was for a heat index of 105 followed by fierce thunderstorms, so we chickened out. Instead we had a relatively quiet morning involving exciting things like laundry, and then we went to see Hairspray. I adore the original movie with a passion, wrote a short paper on it in grad school, and had only heard the Broadway soundtrack once, so I wasn't positive that I would love the remake -- the musical seemed decent but possibly heavy-handed and it didn't have, you know, Sonny Bono or Debbie Harry or Divine. Well, I am pleased to report that I unconditionally love the remake, with the singular disappointment that there is no real John Travolta/Christopher Walken kissing. I forgive Travolta for Battlefield Earth and everything else -- he's wonderful, he dances and sings and is prettier than Divine in a dress (I really need to show my kids Grease and Grease 2 so they know where Travolta and Michelle Pfeiffer came from). Plus Jerry Stiller's in there, just in a different role, and Queen Latifah is fantastic and really quite moving singing "I Know Where I've Been." And Allison Janney is always a delight and the kids are all cute.

But really nothing can top Travolta and Walken in stereotypical Carmen/Matador costumes waxing poetic about their wonderful love life. On the way home, we realized that our kids had never seen the original movie, so we put that on while I folded the last batch of laundry. And I still love it but they're like two different animals, or at least two different generations, and like Star Trek I see no reason to choose between them when I can watch both. I think the storyline in the musical is a tighter but since the events at Tilted Acres are based partly on events at Glen Echo Amusement Park near where I live, I'm sorry to lose that aspect. Even so, you can see the Domino Sugar Factory in the new movie and John Waters has a great cameo.

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Thunderstorms cut off the Redskins/Ravens game and we're supposed toget more on Sunday. At least we have power! But I have no idea whatwe're doing...not the Faire, again, sadly!