August 30th, 2007

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Poem for Thursday

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Though I am always a bit sorry when summer vacation ends and the days start to get noticeably shorter, I am never sorry about the approach of autumn -- my favorite season -- and Halloween, my favorite holiday. (I like Purim a lot too, and it has a lot of similarities, but it's not like all my neighbors are celebrating it and there is something so much fun about so many people putting up Samhain decorations.) So I was having lunch at Lebanese Taverna with miriya_b, and we discovered that in the empty Tower Records store, a Halloween Adventure place has opened, so of course I had to visit.

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Wrote three relatively redundant TrekToday articles (more on "World Enough and Time," more on Zachary Quinto that's pretty much exactly the same article from two days earlier, more on Shatner being bummed about Trek XI) and the rest of my day was concerned with kids and animals. First Adam was looking at animal conservation web sites and I discovered that the Monterey Bay Aquarium now has a white shark being rehabilitated after being caught in a fishing net...I wish I could see it! Plus we watched two PBS shows, Masters of the Arctic Ice -- in which the researchers studied polar bears and put a crittercam on a seal and a narwhal to see how they survive under the polar ice -- and Emperors of the Ice, about penguins. The crittercam was put on a penguin named Rodney, named after Rodney Dangerfield, and apparently he got no respect because they put the crittercam on him and he looked quite aggrieved. But the show ended unhappily, with hundreds of penguins dead from an iceberg collision, so Adam was upset.

littledupont tagged me for the meme where you list seven things about yourself: Collapse ) I tag, hmm, I have no hope of remembering who already did this. Or whose journal is where these days. Who will forgive me for putting upon them? Umm, celandineb, gblvr, vertigo66, perkypaduan, dementordelta, neotoma, beckyo?