September 8th, 2007

little review

Poem for Saturday

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My cable was out for over six hours -- I can't say exactly how long because we had Shabbat dinner with my parents and stayed there to watch Doctor Who in case it wasn't on yet at home -- so my afternoon pretty much sucked, in part because I couldn't get a damn thing done and in part because Adam was distraught not to get to play Runescape now that it's finally the weekend. So if I owe you mail, comments, etc., please be assured that I am not neglecting you, but had to post about Madeleine L'Engle via dial-up when I went to post my review of "Skin of Evil", and Google Docs has no interest in loading over a dial-up connection. I did enjoy "The Family of Blood" a lot though was somewhat distracted by background chatter from parents...Tennant marvelous playing the reluctant Doctor, and Agyeman as good as I've seen her, even though I don't like Martha's crush being so explicitly girly-romantic when she's older than Rose was and more sure of who she is professionally.

Came home to one of those "be careful what you wish for" moments...the cable was up, apaulled went to boot his computer, and...nope. Have had hell night ever since -- Adam beside himself because he couldn't play the game he'd waited all day to play, Paul grumbling and ranting and trying to get the thing fixed (no luck), me cursing silently because this means that until the computer is either fixed or replaced, I am going to have to share mine potentially with three other people and there goes ANY chance I had of getting my own laptop instead of begging to use Paul's work computer on vacations and never being able to take it myself if I want to sit in an internet cafe somewhere. Hey, does anyone out there have an older wireless-compatible laptop that you have recently replaced with something newer and are looking to sell for not a lot of money? I can't afford the $600 for a minimally loaded new Dell and don't care in the least about not having Vista...prefer XP since all my current programs work with it. Am thinking these evening posts are going to dwindle quickly if my son is on my computer till 10 p.m. doing homework.

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