September 9th, 2007

little review

Poem for Sunday

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Daniel had his first day of volunteering at Hebrew school for the fall, so I spent a relatively quiet morning catching up on things at home (quiet besides being attacked by iandiinthesky in her pirate disguise, that is!). After he came home and we had lunch, we went to Lake Accotink Park for Pagan Pride Day at the McLaren Sargent Shelter. (There's a much bigger Pagan Pride Day on the National Mall tomorrow, but Adam has his first day of Hebrew school for the fall and I doubt we'll get downtown while most of the festivities are going on.) This gathering was fairly small and very nice, a couple of hundred people over the course of a few hours, with a bunch of local vendors and organizations -- everything from the UUCA's Moonfire group to the Interfaith Fairness Coalition to Ice & Fire to Ecumenicon to Carolina Spirit Quest to Wiccan Designs to the Circle of the Crystal Grove to Water Lily Celtic Jewelry. Moonfire did a ritual that involved everyone bringing water (some from people's homes, some from Lake Accotink) and there were various classes throughout the afternoon.

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Because we had never been to this park before -- it's in Springfield, Virginia, about half an hour from where we live -- we walked down to the lake, where there is a recreation area with a carousel, canoe rentals and various concessions. We saw some geese, a tiny turtle and some dragonflies and other insects, plus lots of hikers, bikers and families renting boats. Our kids voted that it was too hot to go canoeing; since it was 90 degrees and we had not brought sunblock, we decided this was probably true -- so we did some grocery shopping on the way home and stopped at Borders, where -- you will be pleased to learn, robinwest -- I used my 30% off weekend coupon and a gift certificate and finally bought the first season of Mission: Impossible on DVD. Want to come over and watch "A Spool There Was" with me? The evening has been quiet -- I am beating my mother at the moment at Scrabulous but my 14-year-old is beating me, as is hak42. And Michigan lost again, but more importantly, the Terps won again!