September 13th, 2007

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Poem for Rosh Hashanah

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Not an overly eventful Wednesday...I had working internet all morning and afternoon, which these days is a blessing in itself! And I only had to write one article (Rod Roddenberry thinks a prequel Star Trek movie is a bad idea, is irritated that Paramount doesn't have to clear it with him, thinks the franchise should have been allowed to rest and regenerate for several more years...since it is a religious holiday I shall not make any further snide comments). I rearranged my jewelry a bit -- this is the jewelry I actually wear, not the three pieces of grownup jewelry I inherited from my grandmothers that sit in the official jewelry box -- because I recently got two Harry Potter necklaces from Hot Topic courtesy dementordelta and wanted to make room for them. Then I went through nearly four years' worth of quarters to find the state quarters for apaulled, older son and younger son's quarter albums respectively...this was inspired by an avalanche where the jar holding the quarters fell over and knocked down a little cat tea set, breaking the teapot. There were many extras of each state quarter but Michigan, of which we did not have a single one.

We had dinner with my parents and the two couples with whom we've had dinner on Rosh Hashanah the past few years...both of them have children my age but their children and grandchildren aren't in the area, and we break the fast on Yom Kippur with one of the couples. Lots and lots of food...salad with gefilte fish (and chopped liver that I don't touch), chicken soup with k'naidlach (matzoh balls -- I have no idea how to transliterate the Yiddish), beef brisket that I don't eat, chicken piccata, carrot souffle, kugel, potato latkes, green beans, strawberry cake...I can barely move. *g* Although apaulled has discovered that we have butterscotch schnapps and Irish creme and has just offered me a buttery nipple...hmm, I am sure that is a sin on Rosh Hashanah...oh but it would bring in a very sweet new year!

Card by Rebecca Shore

Will be at synagogue most of Thursday after traditional *ahem* family breakfast at the pancake house. Have a lovely day everyone!