September 17th, 2007

little review

Poem for Monday

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Today we picked up younger son from Hebrew school and went straight to Black Hill Regional Park, where we had a picnic, then went on a bird walk led by a man who runs one of the local Wild Bird Centers. It was a magnificent day, mid-70s, breezy, brilliant blue sky...we didn't see a huge number of birds (goldfinches, a mockingbird, a hawk, a turkey vulture, cardinals, a bluejay, Canada geese, a great blue heron, crows, sparrows and swallows) but there could not have been a nicer day to walk around the side of a lake and through a former apple orchard slowly growing wild.

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Watched the Emmys in part for work, in part out of the morbid curiosity that makes me watch the Oscars every year as well. William Shatner was the second person Ryan Seacrest hit called on after the Desperate Housewives, guessing who designed Shatner's tux, to which Shatner revealed that it was a little-known designer out of New York: Shmata. *giggling* Collapse ) I've never been much of a Robert Jordan fan but I know several people reading this are. Condolences. As for O.J. -- man, if someone wrote this as a movie script it would have been rejected as too absurd.

And now the really important news: we are getting our kitten on Wednesday!!!