September 20th, 2007

little review

Poem for Thursday

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It has not been a very eventful day around here besides preparing for the kitten, who will be coming home on Thursday! We had to dig out the baby gate to keep her in our room uninterrupted by other cats for a few days (well, if she is like Cinnamon it may only be a few hours, but Rosie will try to steal her food so we will probably need to keep it in our bathroom at first!). After much debate over names, none of us being enthralled with "Daisy" which is a bit flowery for such a playful kitten -- Rosie came with her name, and since she was three years old already the kids insisted we could not change it, whereas Cinnamon had been named "Phoebe" by her shelter but she didn't seem like a Phoebe so I named her after Cinnamon Carter from Mission: Impossible -- the leading contender for the new one is "Autumn"; apaulled and I were pulling for "Calypso" but Daniel refused to consider it, and apaulled refused to consider "Anya" because cats are demonic enough without being named after vengeance demons!

I did have a nice lunch with vertigo66 discussing things like our kids' inability to keep their bathrooms clean and the suspect heterosexuality of Jake Gyllenhaal, whom I hear may be starring in a remake of Brothers with Tobey Maguire. Speaking of remakes, Trek news for the day was that Jerry Bruckheimer is remaking Eleventh Hour for US television with an enormous budget and a top CSI director...I bought the original on DVD for apaulled last Chanukah and clearly we need to watch it before CBS gets its paws all over it and casts someone other than Patrick Stewart! Anyway, since vertigo66 and I were at the Corner Bakery near Target, I went in to get shampoo and $3 cut-off shorts and stopped to admire the Halloween display:

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Watched Gossip Girl, produced by my kids' dentist's son, and while I was reasonably entertained, I suspect I shall be blowing it off in the future in favor of The Bionic Woman remake unless the latter is really bad (and even if it is, I may just not watch TV on Wednesdays, since Monday is Heroes and Tuesday is Boston Legal and I will probably need a break). The acting was all decent but the storyline is sort of washed-out Cruel Intentions and I can't imagine following that for several weeks!