September 24th, 2007

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Poem for Monday

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I woke up with an even worse sore throat than on Yom Kippur, not helped by having been used as the mountain for a mountain-climbing kitten at insane hours of the night, so didn't get out of bed till after 9 and was slow to get anything done in the morning. When Adam got home from Hebrew school, we decided to go pick raspberries and the first of the season's apples, though there's no Red Delicious yet. It was over 80 degrees despite being the equinox and a beautiful day to be outdoors, but there are pumpkins coming ripe and the Butler's Orchard store is all decorated and stocked for Halloween, so it was a lovely afternoon.

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Came home, had dinner and busted a gut laughing at The Family Guy Star Wars episode, which Collapse ) Then we watched the season premiere of Shark, which was well-done but I don't know if it's going to be enough to make me put off watching Brotherhood until its Wednesday airing once that comes back next week. Wrote up an interview with Jeri Ryan in which she said she didn't think Jessica and Sebastian would date, which is a relief because when I heard she was pregnant, I worried that they were going to get together in a rush so they didn't have to hide her behind a desk.

We have been keeping Daisy in our bedroom when we go out but letting her have the run of the house when we are home. Somehow she managed to trap herself in the basement bathroom where the litter boxes reside and we didn't hear her whining pathetically for half an hour! She survived this trauma and is now sprawled on the couch mewling to get her chin and belly stroked. Or maybe she is mewling about the Redskins' collapse against the Giants...
little review


  • 13:13 Testing LoudTwitter! #
  • 14:13 Going to pick apples despite raging sore throat. #
  • 16:02 Apples and raspberries and Halloween treats! Lovely Mabon! #
  • 00:17 Bleah, horrible sore throat. Need sleep. #
  • 12:03 Still feeling horrible. Good thing I have a doctor appointment tomorrow anyway, because I think I need a throat culture. #
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