September 26th, 2007

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Poem for Wednesday

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Bleh...still feeling terrible. Went to the doctor, was somewhat surprised to learn it's not strep because it's entirely in my throat and extremely painful when I talk and swallow, which is how I remember strep from my childhood, though I've had no fever...also no other cold or viral symptoms except having no energy. My mother felt so sorry for me she brought over leftover chicken soup and matzah balls from Rosh Hashanah. Adam, at least, seems to feel much better, went to school today without incident and was only moderately tired this evening.

Since I couldn't concentrate, I watched The Queen on cable in the afternoon and indulged my crush on Fictional Tony's so bizarre that Stephen Frears of The Hit, The Grifters and My Beautiful Laundrette made a movie so adoring of the Queen and making Blair look so good...I kept thinking that if anyone had made a movie that made Bush look so good, I'd have been revolted, and wondering about the distance at play for American viewers of this movie and our guilty relationship to royalty. My good friend in London not only does not get my crush on Fictional Tony but why I get off on his crush on HRH in the film.

Boston Legal is back! But it's so different with Claire and Denise gone, and Brad a guest star and Carl Sack in Paul Lewiston's chair. I like both new women (Saffron Burrows mmmmm) but I'm a bit tired of Alan being as libido-first as Denny, and thinking with his id; for once it would be nice if he hit on the new guy and simply tried to relate to the new girl. Of course, there were still great moments, particularly between Alan and Denny: Collapse ) They talk about how much they love their lives -- sex in elevators, saving the environment and dressing in drag as a nightcap -- yep, Clarence certainly knows what I love about Crane, Poole and Schmidt!

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Wednesday is Daniel's fourteenth birthday. He had a slight meltdown tonight about not being able to come home and play video games because his evil parents insisted that he can't miss the first day of his one extracurricular. Augh.
little review


  • 00:12 Heroes -- I still don't like Nathan, even if he is doing his mom. Journeyman -- I like the soundtrack better than the show. #
  • 17:30 Sort of awake and feeling icky but my mother brought me chicken soup. #
  • 23:44 Hee hee, Denny and Alan watching each other pee! #
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