September 29th, 2007

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Poem for Saturday

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My tongue is no longer black! And my throat is somewhat better, knock wood, not perfect but not sharp pain every time I swallow. So although I didn't get a lot done today it must be considered a good day! The kids had a half day of school due to some interim thing or other and both had friends over so it was extremely loud and distracting -- four boys and three cats, one of whom is a kitten who likes to stand on keyboards and chase the cursor with her paw, could prevent anyone from getting anything done. I did write a review of The Next Generation's first season finale, "The Neutral Zone", without a lot nice to say about it, and I got the site columns up. And now there are rumors that Karl Urban will play the Romulan villain in Trek XI, which would be pretty cool.

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Had dinner with my parents, then watched the Sci-Fi Channel trifecta. I'm not really crazy about the Doctor Who season finale episodes, which I had already seen -- the acting is fine and Saxon is a blast but the storyline is a chaotic mess and I'm not terribly comfortable either with the sexual politics nor the nature of the religious overtones. (My favorite thing is the idiot Republican US President!) Half-watched Flash Gordon which has little to recommend it besides being on after Doctor Who and we were too lazy to put on anything we'd actually need to concentrate upon -- best thing I can say about it is that I like the women, though if Dale went to Harvard she should at least be able to use grammar correctly -- and Stargate Atlantis, where, I will confess again, I tune way more into Elizabeth and Teyla than the boys everyone adores, and I love Keller but I'm still not falling in love with the show.

The Orioles have kept the Yankees from winning the division! Huzzah!
little review


  • 11:50 How did I forget the kids have a half-day of school today??!!! #
  • 15:40 Have four boys and three cats in the living room. How am I supposed to get any work done! #
  • 20:53 There's a girl missing from older son's school. Very scary. #
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