October 2nd, 2007

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Poem for Tuesday

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Had a quiet Monday -- my only major expedition was to pick up a condolence card for a friend. Worked on Shutterfly for holiday cards and photo book gifts, did four loads of laundry, wrote about the TNG cast at DragonCon and Bob Picardo on SGA, spent a lot of time keeping a kitten off my keyboard only to have a big yellow cat fall asleep with her head on my foot. Tried to catch up on weekend news but kept getting interrupted by Britney's custody battle. Younger son had a friend over with whom he was supposed to be working on a science project but there was a great deal of noise and discussion of Silverwing books; older son is writing a program for school that's a game with the word "PWNZORED" in the title. At least they are proudly nerds. *g*

Watched Heroes and Journeyman, both of which were reasonably entertaining though I'm not really involved on a fannish level. I like Kevin McKidd from Rome but sometimes he seems to be playing the same character, only with less bloodshed...he manages to be self-righteous even when he doesn't know what's happening to him or why, he's sure he knows what's best for his wife and family even when he can't imagine what they're thinking and he never laughs. As for Heroes, I'm engrossed in certain storylines -- Claire and Noah, Matt and Mohinder -- while others I just can't get into. Collapse )

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It makes me happy that Jaime Salé and David Pelletier had a baby. Means it's likely they'll keep performing together for a good long time and not disappear. Even with touring I'd rather have them for parents than Spears and Federline.
little review


  • 11:31 Bleh, my throat hurts again. Am starting to wonder if I have acid reflux issues again. #
  • 15:15 Microwave went BANG! BANG! BANGBANGBANGBANGHISSSS! This cannot possibly be a good thing. #
  • 18:27 Going deaf from the volume in here! Three boys all shouting. How are the cats all sleeping? #
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