October 4th, 2007

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Poem for Thursday

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Had an unexpectedly nice morning getting lost while taking Daisy to get her spay sutures out -- the clinic is way out in the woods near Seneca, where the trees are beginning to change and where there were deer a few feet off the road in the trees. We were the only visitors at the clinic at the time -- my usual vet often keeps us waiting 30-45 minutes -- and there were several rescue animals there, including an adorable little dog and two tabby kittens (anyone in the MD-DC-VA area looking to adopt, Daisy has siblings too -- write me). The sutures came out with no problem but Daisy had to have a feline leukemia booster which made her kind of cranky and sleepy for a couple of hours in the afternoon, though now she has recovered and is pawing a Lego until it pops into the air, then leaping on it and mewling as if she has no idea why it's attacking her.

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I discovered that the Shutterfly coupon I thought expired next week expires this week, so I worked a bunch on holiday gifts and a book about our first trip to England (have done books on the last two), wrote an article about George Takei getting an asteroid named after him, lost an hour to fighting with one of the printers because Adam had taken an online music test whose results he was supposed to print out, only to have the results (a 96%) refuse to print, then ended up going to California Tortilla because Daniel's late bus couldn't stop at the usual stop due to a major accident on the road near that school, so we picked him up in front of the local high school instead when he finally got there. Still have had no direct communication with Adam's science teacher but apparently she is not penalizing his grade (considering he's at 98/100 right now, this is a good thing).

Watched Pushing Daisies and Bionic Woman, like them both but am ambivalent about them both, too...Collapse ) Shall see how I feel next week, which is pretty much how I am taking Journeyman and this season's SGA, too.
little review


  • 14:04 Back from taking kitten to have spay sutures out, at clinic deep in the woods where I saw deer. #
  • 21:39 Went out to dinner unexpectedly because older son's bus couldn't stop at usual stop and we had to pick him up late. Cal Tort! #
  • 00:14 Making a Halloween-themed Shutterfly book about the new kitten. Heh. #
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