October 6th, 2007


Poem for Saturday

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Fun but busy Friday, and I am still behind on so many things. Had lunch with gblvr at Rio Grande. Went to Borders because a combined 20% off coupon and $10 in Borders Bucks meant that I could get The Mystic Faerie Tarot for under $10. Wrote a review of "The Child", an episode that holds up really well for me. After school, Adam announced that his best friend now has rollerblades and he wanted them too, so since he has never skated, I decided to dig out my rollerblades so he could test them out. Unfortunately the rollerblades were in the closet in his room practically walled in by stuffed animals, and once they were moved, there was a huge avalanche of all their papers we've saved since they were in kindergarten...you can imagine. Or maybe, if you're lucky, you can't. Anyway, quite a bit of time was spent trying to sort, discard and reorganize. Had dinner with my parents, at whose house my sister and her kids are supposed to arrive some time tonight...her flight was delayed, and my mother hadn't left to pick her up yet by 8, so I am assuming they got in quite late and quite cranky.

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Watched the Doctor Who season finale, whatever episode of Flash Gordon this is and the follow-up to the Atlantis opener. I am ashamed to admit that of these, Flash Gordon is the only one that made me sniffle a bit, though I give full credit to Sarah McLachlan's "Answer" which was playing when Flash and his mom went to visit his dad's gravestone (shades of Smallville and Dawson's Creek before it, too). Otherwise, Collapse )

I did have a nice Doctor Who related thing happen today though: months ago, I had entered a contest from Realm magazine to win a copy of A Portrait of Cardiff by Geraint Tellem, thinking it would be a nice souvenir of having visited Cardiff this spring, and in addition to the places we went like the castle, city centre and Roald Dahl Plass, there are photos of nearby houses and estates, several of which have shown up on Doctor Who and Torchwood. In other news, I was happy to read that the appendix is not useless after all but may protect good bacteria and a tiny galaxy has been spotted halfway across the universe...and I won't talk about the news I was not happy to read because I'm tired. I still owe many comments and apologize, again!

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