October 7th, 2007

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Poem for Sunday

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Had a very busy but nice Saturday, and actually got a lot done around the house in between bouts of not being home. Daniel had a Bar Mitzvah service to attend in the morning, so Adam was my mother's aide at Hebrew school. She talked my sister's two older daughters into attending as well, and apparently they all worked in the computer lab together. We had lunch at my parents' with my sister's family -- the kids all very pleasant until late afternoon while the adults talked Jon Stewart, politics, movies, books, etc.

Then we came home so Daniel could get ready for the Bar Mitzvah reception and I could go out to dinner with meri_oddities, neotoma, gblvr, rubyrosered, treewishes, twistedchick and several other people including the lovely dementordelta who picked me up en route, and brought me a treasure trove: a collection of Barbie clothes and accessories that she accumulated in fandoms past and was going to donate to charity but let me pick over first. There's scuba gear, skis, rollerblades, fancy panties, bridal gowns, microphones and boom boxes, tea sets, a faux leather jacket that's half Union Jack and half Stars & Stripes...far too many goodies to recount here. Hey, I have no daughters so I am allowed to collect my own Barbie stuff. *g*

Anyway, dinner at Addis Ababa was fantastic -- I'm not sure exactly what I ate, because we shared platters, but there were lentils and chicken and potatoes and everything was delicious. Afterward some of us went to Cold Stone for ice cream, which I couldn't even finish. Came home, looked through the Barbie goodies, eventually retrieved Daniel from the Bar Mitzvah reception...while he was out I finally (only a year later) hung up the sign-in board from his Bar Mitzvah as well as Bar Mitzvah photos we finally received from the photographer courtesy my mother, a penguin print my in-laws had bought for Adam, plus the painting made by the penguin at the Maryland Zoo that we won in an auction near Adam's birthday. And the living room got cleaned up because the kitten kept batting people's stuff around, so we told them to put it away!

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little review


  • 11:29 Bracing myself for big family lunch with sister and nieces. We'll see if brother-in-law bothers to appear. #
  • 16:28 Back from visiting with sister and her family, hanging paintings in kids' rooms. #
  • 23:52 Back from dinner with dementordelta, gblvr, rubyrosered, twistedchick et al...very full and content. Son enjoyed tonight's Bar Mitzvah, too. #
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