October 8th, 2007

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Poem for Monday

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Had a nice Sunday, though each step of the way was unplanned. My sister and her husband went off and did their own thing for a while while my mother brought their younger daughter over to meet our newest kitten. By the time they all decided they wanted to go downtown, we had already decided to go to the Agricultural History Farm Park's Harvest Festival. It was an insanely warm day for October, nearly 90 degrees even though the sun was slanting low in the sky in early afternoon, and they had to rig a cover over the chicken coop to stop the chickens from hiding in the shadows inside, but we had a great time anyway.

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In addition to the animals, craft displays and demonstrations, blacksmiths and tool-makers, harvesting potatoes, sampling tea and cookies flavored with local herbs and listening to bluegrass, we looked at the scientific and agricultural exhibits and watched people making scarecrows. This year the Redskins have played best on weeks when we only caught the beginning and end of the game on the radio, so I think not staying home for the games is always a good choice! Got home so the kids could do some homework, was invited by my mother for leftovers for dinner with my nieces since my sister and her husband had left to stay in a downtown hotel. So we had dinner there and let the kids play.

We all watched The Future Is Wild on Animal Planet, which I missed last time around though my kids saw it -- the sharkopath and double-winged birds are awesome and that futuristic rainbow squid looks like the "roll over and turn blue" creatures from Voyager's "Elogium." Then the grownups watched Brotherhood which continues to hold my attention more than anything else on TV, thus making it worth missing Shark with Richard Burgi (how was it?). I'm trying to decide how much my love of Jason Isaacs influences my significant pro-Michael bias, because let's face it, Tommy may be an asshole but he's not a murderer and Michael isn't right in the head even if Freddy isn't one to talk and I won't shed tears if Jeff gets what he deserves. Oh, read two articles that made me smile: the perfectly cracked "God Has Zero Tolerance for Wicca!" at Landover Baptist, my favorite faux Fundamentalist site, and "Sir Frederick of Hollywood In the Virgin Queen's Court", on the completely ahistorical costumes in Elizabeth: The Golden Age.
little review


  • 13:38 Going to the farm park for the harvest festival. Hope there will be sheep! #
  • 00:30 Survived family insanity, but it's strange being sunburned in October. The chickens seemed more unhappy about the heat than we were, though! #
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Jennifer Cutting YouTube Clip

So you know how I'm always going on about Jennifer Cutting's Ocean Orchestra? Well, now you can listen to "My Grief on the Sea" because the director of a movie that uses the song has made a video with clips to market the movie. Here! (I have no idea what the movie is about, only that it's called Ithaca and is about a sailor and his lover, so there are tall ships and period costumes.) Jennifer wrote the song; the singer is wonderful DC local singer Grace Griffith. Collapse )

ETA: Looked up the movie. "Directed by Harvard filmmaker Michael Van Devere, Ithaca is set on Christmas Eve, 1870. Captain Bower is at sea, and his wife waits patiently at home for his return. When word arrives that the Captain has drowned in a shipwreck, a cousin and two lodgers in the house compete for her hand. Unable to decide, Emily seeks help from the ghost of her departed husband. Ithaca was filmed at the Longfellow National Historic Site in Cambridge, MA. Van Devere, a former intern with the famous production team of Ismail Merchant and James Ivory, uses period costumes and historic settings similar to those in Merchant/Ivory films."