October 9th, 2007


Poem for Tuesday

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My day was so insane that I feel like I should let Daisy write about it instead. Woke up insanely early, not even because she was climbing on me but because I had Adam's school visiting day, where I listened to 40 sixth graders tune violins and sat in on a discussion of grammar. On the way home I ran into a neighbor I rarely see who was off for Columbus Day, and we talked for about half an hour about our kids and her new cat (which came with her new fiance). No sooner did I get home and pick up the things Daisy had knocked on the floor in my absence than my mother called to tell me that my nieces wanted to visit the cats, and they all wanted to pet and pick them up so much that in the end Cinnamon was hiding, Rosie was nipping and Daisy was zipping around like a maniac.

I thought that my day would begin to calm down then, but the madness was just beginning. I got a phone call from Adam's school to tell me he threw up his lunch all over his World Studies desk. So I went to the health room to get him, brought him home, parked him on the toilet since his intestines were bothering him and somehow neglected to mention that he should flush periodically if he was using a full roll of toilet paper. I heard a whoosh that didn't end, then hysterical crying, and I ran upstairs to discover that he had somehow jammed the bowl so badly that it backed up into the tank and the shut-off flap or whatever it's called -- the thing that comes down and makes the water stop spraying into the tank -- refused to budge, and the valve to turn off all water to the toilet jammed as well. I had to stand there holding the damn thing in place while younger son, who was in real pain from his stomach bug, called apaulled in hysterics to tell him to call the plumber.

Long story short, we ended up with a flood that poured between the tiles and the floor boards into the ducts, through the ceiling, all over the second floor and the basement. By the time the plumber got there and concluded that the massive plug we couldn't get to with our standard issue plunger was the problem -- the bowl was empty by the time I got into the bathroom, it was the tank pouring water from beneath the lid -- we had paint and wallboard cracking off the ceilings. Nationwide sent their water cleanup people even though the claims person couldn't get out tonight, so while Heroes was on I had two guys moving furniture all over the house to install six huge fans and three enormous dehumidifiers. (Daniel had dinner with my parents, who also brought us California Tortilla which was most appreciated.) The noise level is insane and we can't shut the downstairs lights because it'll turn off the fans plugged into lower outlets.

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So I barely saw NBC's double-header of Enterprise actors, Keating on Heroes and Billingsley on Journeyman. Collapse ) I see that the Yankees are out of the playoffs, which is a nice break from a staggering nightmare of an afternoon and evening. Even if Dallas did win -- I wasn't going to root against the poor kicker the second time around. Right now though I think I'd trade a Yankees World Series victory and a Dallas Super Bowl victory if Nationwide ends up covering all the work this house is going to need. And now I am going to go collapse.
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  • 16:31 WORST DAY EVER. Son sick at school, sick at home; upstairs toilet pipe exploded water wouldn't turn off every carpet in the house is soaked. #
  • 22:59 Overwhelmed by six fans, three dehumidifiers, holes in the ceiling of two floors. Cats are even more traumatized. #
  • 00:13 so fried I'm wired. Not even a Buttery Nipple helped. #
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